5v5 Summer Soccer League

July 23rd- August 21st. Games will be played on Saturday and/or Sunday from 12noon-5pm.

The soccer program at Valley Sports Academy is happy to announce the first ever 5v5 CO-ED Summer Soccer League to the Valley. Choose your All-Star team and friends, and come battle it out at the field house. Points and scores will be tracked with the grand prize awarded to best team! Who will be crown our first ever 5v5 champ? We hope to see a lot of new and old faces ready to battle it out on the pitch. Come play to win!

There will be two separate leagues. One league will be high-school (ages 15-19). The other will be adult league (20 +).

8 players max per team. Will be 10 teams in total depending on numbers.

Teams must have at least 4 players for each game to avoid forfeit. Forfeit games is an automatic 3-0 win for the other team. Any games tied will be a point a piece for each team. A win is 3 points. O points for the losing team.

All participants must bring water and cleats (no metal studs!).

Fair play rule is in effect. During play we will treat each other with respect and play organized soccer. Rude language, unnecessary and dangerous tackles will not be tolerated. Players will be asked to leave by VSA soccer staff member if so.

Schedule of games will be released July 21st

Playoff games will take place a week before the regular season ends.

Championship games will take place on the last weekend of play. Standings and scores will be updated weekly and will be online for all to see!

$400 for the high school league. $500 for the adult league. Price should be split up amongst players on each team.
Registration closes July 21st

Contact info:
Contact david.drafton@valleysports.academy for any questions!