Advertise with VSA

If your business is interested in what we have to offer for advertising, please email  Contact us for more information on the Grow your Business – Grow your Community.


Feature your business on a dasher board in our studio rink. Size is 8ft x 32”, we take care of printing and installation.


Multiple Sizes; Vinyl Banners featured in our Field House and Ball Field. We take care of printing and installation.


Two 65” TVS with rotating digital ads will be featured in the lobby area.


Build a sports training facility with knowledgeable and professional coaches and staff.  Phase 1 is complete; VSA is a 116,000 sq. ft. facility that offers the ability for the youth in the Chippewa Valley and 1 surrounding areas to achieve their goals and asipriations locally without being forced to travel hours to do so.


Partner with the Business Community in a “Grow your Business – Grow your Community” initiative, making high-level sports more affordable while bringing awareness and growing your business that the Community around you supports. VSA is truly a place where the Chippewa Valley and surrounding communities can show how Community supports Businesses and Businesses supports the Community. VSA is offering Advertising to businesses in and around the area to promote and grow their businesses with 100% of the advertising dollars that VSA receives are going to bring down the costs of Camps, Clinics, Teams, and so much more. We are confident that with the support of local businesses we will be able to offer all of our youth the same opportunities based on desire and drive, not means.


We understand that even when Phase 2 is complete some of our youth in the area will still experience barriers because of their inability to get to VSA. VSA has started conversations and is working with local transportation entities to create and provide transportation for youth in the populated areas of the Chippewa Valley to access VSA. With the help of Grow your Business, Grow your Community, transportation will be provided by VSA and its partners at not cost to the athlete.