This week’s recipient of our VSA Baseball Athlete of the Week is Caysen Severson. Caysen has participated in various programs at VSA, most recently completing our November Little Sluggers Program. Caysen has worked extremely hard through various lessons and programs at VSA to improve his swing, fielding and foundational pitching skills. The staff at VSA love working with Caysen as he is always engaged and wanting to learn more. He is always willing to help other athletes and ask questions to coaches on how he can improve.

Caysen also has done weekly lessons with VSA’s Baseball staff and made tremendous strides on his swing. His work ethic and willingness to always try new things has helped his game progress in all areas. He also recently completed the introduction to strength and conditioning as a part of the Little Sluggers program with our VSA strength and conditioning coach, Nick Strimel. We look forward to continuing to see the progress Caysen makes!