VSA was able to host the inaugural Winter Prep Baseball Report (PBR) Eau Claire Pre-Season ID Showcase for High School athletes in Western Wisconsin on February 11th. Athletes from the surrounding area were able to showcase their abilities in front of PBR Wisconsin’s staff before their High School season begins next month. Below are some key takeaways from the event.


  • Sawyer Stein (Eau Claire Memorial, 2024 grad) who has been a part of VSA’s Winter High School Training program led the event with the highest average exit velocity at 90.2 mph off the bat. Sawyer’s top exit velocity of the day was 94.2 mph and was the 3rd highest of the day out of all 25 athletes. PBR’s staff had this to say about Sawyer Stein in their Quick Hits recap of the event,  “Sawyer was responsible for arguably the most consistent round of BP. Standing at a physical 6-foot-2, 230-pounds, Stein registered a highest average EV of the day at 90.2 mph, with his hardest coming off the bat at 94.2 mph. On the mound, Stein works with rhythm and features repeatable mechanics. During his ‘pen he ran his fastball up to 81.5 mph from a three-quarter slot to go along with a sweeping slider and a changeup, both of which he was able to throw in the zone.”
  • JV Castillo (Abbotsford, 2024 grad) who also has been a part of VSA’s Winter HS Training program showed well at the plate and in the field. JV had the fastest 60-yard dash at the showcase with a 7.16 time. He also led the event with an 89 mph throw from the outfield. PBR’s staff had this to say about JV, Another name who impressed our staff was SS JV Castillo (Abbotsford, 2024). Castillo is listed at 5-foot-7, 150 pounds. His quickness, athleticism and quality baseball actions were on display throughout the day. He registered the best 60-yard dash of the day at 7.16 showing quick burst and an athletic gait. During hitting, Castillo showed off his hand quickness and the ability to impact the ball by registering a max EV in the high 80s with the ability to shoot the ball to the entire field. This coupled with his well-above average athleticism point to Castillo profiling as a top of the order type player at the next-level. His defense stood out with quality middle infield actions and arm strength of 83 mph in the infield and 89 from the outfield during the defensive portion of the day.”
  • Leo Lauscher (Eau Claire Memorial, 2024 Grad) has been putting in lots of work at VSA with his Baseball membership. Leo’s work was recognized as well as he had the highest exit velocity of the day at 98 mph off the bat. Leo also showed strong actions in the field as the PBR staff had this to say about Leo, Leo Lauscher (Eau Claire Memorial, 2024) continued to open eyes at Saturday’s event. Despite his stout 5-foot-10, 250-pound frame, Lauscher moves surprisingly well as he recorded the fifth-best 60-yard dash time at 7.34 and also a 27.6 inch vertical. He then moved over to the hitting portion of the event where he took the loudest round of the day. In the right-handed batters box, Lauscher displayed a short compact swing with quick hands and the ability to impact line drives to all fields, registering a max EV of 98 mph which was the highest for the event. Lauscher then showcased his defensive acumen with a quick first-step laterally, smooth hands and an accurate arm up to 84 mph. Lauscher remains as one of the state’s most intriguing talents for the class of 2024 after an impressive showing during our inaugural event in the Eau Claire area.
  • Chase McQuade (Hudson, 2025 Grad) showed well both behind the plate and in the batters box. PBR’s staff saw lots of positives for Chase, “C/OF Chase McQuade (River Falls, 2024) is a strong and athletic 5-foot-9, 180-pound right-handed hitter. McQuade put together one of the better rounds of BP during our time in Eau Claire. At the plate, he sets up relaxed and balanced, before using his quick yet strong hands to create EVs in the low-90s, with his hardest registering at 94.8 mph. He led the event in max distance (359 ft), bat speed (74.9 mph), and pop-time (2.18). Behind the plate, McQuade was quick out of the crouch and paired it with a speedy transfer.


We would like to wish all athletes who participated in this event the best of luck in their upcoming High School season, and we look forward to future events with PBR Wisconsin.


For more information on the event, check out PBR’s Quick Hits recap at https://www.prepbaseballreport.com/news/WI/Eau-Claire-Preseason-ID-Quick-Hits-7542609318?r=%2Fwisconsin%2Fnews or their statistical analysis at https://www.prepbaseballreport.com/news/WI/Eau-Claire-Preseason-ID-Statistical-Analysis-2870469135