Soccer Skill Evaluation

Valley Sports Academy will be hosting soccer skill evaluations at our Lake Hallie, WI location for the Spring 2023 soccer season.

 The VSA skill evaluation sessions will be open to all players that are interested in joining VSA’s 2023 Spring Guardian teams.

Spring Soccer Season 2023 Perks

  • 2-3 Practices Per Week (Snow, Mud, Rain, Wind, Lighting, or Shine)
    • VSA’s indoor turf area is perfect for those not so perfect weather days
  • NWCL League Games Every Weekend (Outside of tournament weekends)
  • 2-3 Spring Tournaments
  • Experienced local & non-local coaching on the VSA soccer staff
  • 20% off all VSA camps, Clinics, & Pro Shop Wear


Wednesday, February 15th from 7:30-9pm

Sunday, February 19th from 6-8pm

Registration Fee
$5 per player (non-refundable!)




Guardians Club Soccer is VSA’s core developmental program being offered to all 9/10u, 11/12u & 13/14u players looking for more learning opportunities through an all-inclusive team environment. Teams will train at least two times, up to three times a week, compete in a minimum of one tournament with the possibility of playing in more, and will be led by license and industry experienced coaches.

Our goal is to provide a challenging, but fun learning environment with progressive learning. All teams in Guardians Soccer program will be taught possession-based soccer with an emphasis on learning each position and its number in detail. By 15u and above players should have a great knowledge of every position, should be playing at a faster pace, and preparing for opportunities beyond High school. Guardians Soccer technical staff is committed to helping all players be the best soccer players they can be.

Guardians Soccer at VSA strives to provide a long-lasting positive impact on every participants life. Our game and practice model is designed to not only push every player to succeed, but to learn a certain style of play that will benefit them as a whole.


Expectations of every Guardians Soccer player:


Teamwork: Working together towards a common goal.

Coachability: Respect all coaches, listen to instruction and execute.

Grind: We will work hard during practice and games.

Attitude: We are positive throughout.

Self-confidence: Believe in your own ability and skillset.

Have fun: Soccer is fun and will always be fun, enjoy it!

Guardians Soccer Mission
The mission of Guardians Soccer at VSA is to provide instructional yet competitive soccer programs that develop and motivate all players to be the best version of themselves.

Core Values:

  • We create community.
  • We nurture and care.
  • We develop the whole player.
  • We are inclusive and fair.
  • We respect and listen to others.


Strategic Objectives:

  • Provide a competitive high-rated soccer experience club wide that progresses and develops players in practices/games.
  • Promote participation through engagement with the communities least represented populations and ages.
  • Ensure facility availability to develop and grow players.
  • Develop a strong volunteer base.
  • Develop our coaching staff through staff trainings to ensure top coaching for all Guardians soccer players.
  • Create a fun environment for all.

VSA Soccer Director (David Drafton) and General Manager (Chase Hoople) manage the day-to-day operations of the Guardians Soccer Program. 


Technical Staff| The technical staff members develop standardized practice sessions for the training and development of 9u-14u Academy players, select appropriate league and tournament play, and work with coaches on tryouts and roster selection. The Guardians Soccer technical staff includes:

  • VSA General Manager
  • VSA Soccer Director
  • Academy Coaches


Guardians Soccer technical staff strives to appropriately pair each team in an environment that will challenge and bring success. We intend to compete in the WYSA State League, Western Wisconsin League and or the WYSA Classic League. Final determination for league play will be made after tryouts. Number one priority is making sure the competition and overall experiences suits our teams. Leagues will subject to change each year, but our priority will stay the same.

Playing with Guardians Soccer is a year-long commitment. Tryouts will take place in June for the annual soccer season.


  • Late September- November: Pre-season, fall weekly practices, league play (fall tournament included-TBD).
  • December: Optional winter training.
  • Mid-January- March: Winter season (5v5), spring weekly practices.
  • April- June: Spring weekly practices, league play (spring tournament included-TBD).
  • June-July: Optional summer practices, training, camps, & summer league.