Guardians Club Soccer is VSA’s core soccer developmental program being offered to all 9/10u, 11/12u & 13/14u players looking for more learning opportunities through an all-inclusive team environment. Teams will train at least two times, up to three times a week, compete in League play, and participate in a minimum of one tournament, with the possibility of playing in more. All teams will be led by license and industry experienced coaches.

Our goal is to provide a challenging, but fun learning environment with progressive learning. All teams in Guardians Soccer program will be taught possession-based soccer with an emphasis on learning each position and its number in detail. By 15u and above players should have a great knowledge of every position, should be playing at a faster pace, and preparing for opportunities beyond High School. Guardians Soccer technical staff is committed to helping all players be the best soccer players they can be.

Tryout Schedules:

Tryouts will take place at VSA on in our Field House and on our Ball Field. Both fields are real turf. – It’s FREE for all age groups.
Interested players should attend the tryout that corresponds with their own age group. All participants in tryouts will be evaluated for all teams; WYSA State League, Western Wisconsin League or the WYSA Classic League.


A player may play up in a higher age group but prior to tryout registration must contact the VSA Soccer Director:


Player Placement/Tryout Schedules

All tryout participants will be encouraged to make at least two out of the three tryouts to ensure proper evaluation. It is important that evaluation criteria are transparent so that each player/parent fully understands the professional coaches’ recommendation for placement within the Guardians Soccer program. At tryouts, players will be evaluated on the following:

  • Technical ability | First touch, ball striking, passing accuracy, dribbling, defending, goalkeeping.
  • Tactical ability | Decision making, game awareness.
  • Physical ability | Speed, endurance, agility.
  • Psychological attributes | Attitude, focus, respect, coachability.

Roster decisions will be announced within a week or two after tryouts. Team assignments are made by the Guardians soccer technical staff. Final approval will come from the VSA Soccer Director. Players will be assigned to teams that best suit their skillset and gameplay.


June tryouts will determine teams for the fall and spring season. Returning players must attend June tryouts for evaluation and placement. The goal is for every Guardians soccer player to compete and have fun at his or her most appropriate level. Below is a chart that shows the target number of players and roster size for each age group:

Field Players= 7
Target Roster Size 10 (max 12)

Field Players= 9
Target Roster Size 12 (max 14)

Field Players= 11
Target Roster Size 16 (max 20)

FAQs for 2022-2023 Tryouts

When will the Guardian Tryouts for the 2022-23 season take place?

Guardian tryouts will take place in June 13-16, 2022.

How do I determine the right age group for my child?

Players will tryout for a team based on their birth year. Prior to tryout registration, If a player wishes to play up, you must contact the VSA soccer director before the tryout date for more info.

What should I wear or bring to the tryout session?

Please have players arrive to the indoor soccer/baseball fields 10 min prior the start of the tryout session. At each session, players must check in with a staff member at the check-In station. When you arrive, you will check-in and be issued a numbered pinnie. Please put the numbered pinnie on and have it on at all times during the tryout. Players will return the numbered pinnies back to the coaches after each tryout session is complete. Coaches ask that players wear a blue or white shirt, athletic shorts, shin guards, cleats or turf shoes and bring a water bottle with clear liquids in it only.

Do I need to attend all the tryouts, or do I just pick one?

We ask players to attend as many tryout sessions as possible. If you cannot attend all three tryout dates, we ask players to attend two out of the three for proper evaluation.

I didn’t register online for Guardian tryouts; can I still attend?

Please register before attending! Registration will be closed by June 3rd for the Fall and Spring 2022-23 teams.

Do current Valley Sports Academy soccer players need to attend tryouts?

Yes, all players (current and new) must attend tryouts to be evaluated for player placement on our Academy teams in June.

Will current Guardian Teams practice during tryout week?

No. During tryout week, all players (current and new) will be participating in tryouts during that time.

How many Guardian Tryouts will there be?

There will be a total of three (3) Guardian Tryouts for all age groups for that specific week.