VSA Guardian soccer players stayed locally here in Eau Claire this past weekend and participated in the Eau Claire Invitational Spring Soccer Tournament. Read below how each team did on a great weekend of VSA Soccer:

U10 Guardians (Head Coach David Drafton):

  • U10 Guardians started the weekend very wet, playing their first game in heavy rainfall and on drenched, puddled field. Nonetheless the first game the U10s took on New Richmond U10B Black where it was back and forth all game long. U10s fought hard with plenty of scoring chances, but ultimately started the weekend with a 1-0 loss. U10s bounced back second game and took on a competitive RushWIWest Academy team where they were able to come away with a 2-2 tie to end the game. The goals were now coming back to the U10s and stayed as the third and final game saw the U10 Guardians beat MYSA U10C Young 7-2 to end the day. With no semi or final games for the whole U10 tournament, our own U10 Guardians finish with a record of 1-1-1 scoring 9 goals in the Eau Claire Invitational. Excellent work U10 Guardians!!

U12 Guardians (Head Coach Chris Brooke):

  • U12 Guardians had another great tournament showing with lots of goals scored as well. First game the U12s faced Rice Lake where it was a comfortable 4-1 win for the team. They kept the pressure and scoring as they faced a more competitive club in Lakeville SC Academy 2 winning 3-1 on the day. With the two wins, this was enough for the U12s to play in the semifinal game where they would face MYSA Inferno 12U Coed. U12 Guardians won comfortably winning the game 3-1, where they would move on to the Championship match! The Championship match saw the U12 Guardians face a very familiar opponent .. New Richmond 12B. In what we can now call a small rivalry between the two teams, both teams fought and played hard until the final whistle. Ultimately our U12 Guardians fell 3-1 to New Richmond 12B and took second place in the Eau Claire Invitational. They finished with a record of 3-1 on the weekend. Well done U12 Guardians!!

U14 Guardians (Head Coach Emmanuel Boamah ):

  • U14 Guardians as well had a great weekend and tournament reaching a final themselves. First game the U14s started off with a 2-0 loss to VYSA U15 Boys. It was a tight game with plenty of chances for both teams. With work to do the U14s played Hayward 15U winning the game comfortably 3-0. This was enough to see the U14 Guardians into the semi final game where they played MYSA 14UC Schreiner and won in a close game 2-1. With the semifinal win, the U14 Guardians would play in the final game and face VYSA U15 Boys again for the second time this weekend. This time the game was much closer as the U14s and VYSA ended the match in a 2-2 draw. With no extra time to play, the game went straight into PK’s. U14 Guardians were able to put some PK goals away but it was not enough as VYSA ended up winning the PK shootout 5-3, therefore winning the Championship game. It was great showing and effort from the U14s as they take second place in the Eau Claire Invitational. They end the weekend with a record of 2-2!

No games this weekend as the Guardian soccer players will take a break and start to enjoy the summer. All three teams will be back playing again June 23rd-25th in the Summer Shoot Out Tournament in Appleton in what will be their final tournament / games of the spring soccer season! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated on Guardians soccer!