Guardians Soccer Weekend Recap (May 13 / May 14):

It was the second weekend of soccer spring games for all of the Guardian soccer players and what a fantastic weekend it was for all of the players , coaching staff & parents. Read below where each team was located this past weekend & the results from the games:

U10 Guardians (Head Coach David Drafton):

The U10 Guardian soccer players continued their amazing play from the first weekend of games, continuing to turn heads and dominate into the second weekend of spring soccer games. The team was in Menomonie this past weekend for both of their NWCL league games. The U10s took on a very competitive and physically strong Sparta team in the first game, but ultimately handled Sparta with ease winning the first game 6-0.  Second game the U10s faced a familiar Menomonie MAS White team and again won the game and cruised to a 7-0 win! Not only was it a goals festival for the U10s, but they also had no goals scored on them the entire weekend. They now sit undefeated in the NWCL and on the spring season (4-0) scoring 28 goals with only 1 goal scored against them in 4 games. They continue to flip the script and lead the way for all U10 soccer players in the Valley! Impressive work U10 Guardians!


U12 Guardians (Head Coach Chris Brooke):

The U12 Guardians ventured down to Neenah, WI where they competed in the Flat Grass Show Down tournament, and oh boy was it an amazing tournament for them. First game the U12 squad faced Neenah SC 2011 beating the hosts 3-0. U12s didn’t miss a beat as they went into the next game on fire beating HUSC U11/12 Boys, 7-0. Sunday saw the U12s continue the impressive play beating WASC U12B,  7-1. After the Sunday result, the U12s found themselves in the Championship game where they took on a Water City Thunder team who had impressive scorelines as well. The U12 Guardians beat Water City Thunder 7-1 to claim the Championship win and were crowned Flat Grass Show Down Champions! They scored 24 goals and only let 2 goals in all tournament. Well done to all of the U12 Guardian soccer players for the amazing performances in the tournament!

Tournament Result: U12 Flat Grass Show Down CHAMPIONS!!!


U14 Guardians (Head Coach Emmanuel Boamah):

U14 Guardians traveled to Neenah alongside the U12s & participated in the Flat Grass Show Down tournament where they as well took the tournament by storm and never looked back! First game saw the U14s beating  WIUFC 2009 Boys Select, 3-0. U14s faced a tougher test their second game playing VYSA 14u Boys Maroon with the game ending 0-0. This was enough to see the U14 Guardians in a single elimination playoff round Sunday. Win the first game, you are in the Championship match. That’s exactly what they did. First playoff game the U14s faced KASA Red Wave U14, beating the Red Waves 3-1. With that win the U14s now found themselves as well in the Championship game where they would face VYSA 14U Boys Maroon again. This time they got the better of the Maroons and beat them 2-0 to claim the Championship and be crowned Flat Grass Show Down Champions! They scored 11 goals and only let in 1 goal all tournament. Well done to all of the U14 Guardians soccer players for the amazing performances in the tournament!

Tournament Result: U14 Flat Grass Show Down CHAMPIONS!!!

Spring soccer season continues for our Guardian players as all the teams will be back together this coming weekend in New Richmond. There all three teams will finish out league play games in the NWCL for the season. After that, our Guardian soccer players will be in spring soccer tournaments for the rest of the season. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with all three teams for the remidner of the season!