What is your name and where do you go to High School? Also, what is your graduating year?

Kegen Coulson, Dover-Eyota High School, Grad year: 2024

Where have you decided to play college softball?

Concordia College – Moorhead in Minnesota

Why did you choose this school and program?

I picked Concordia because of the community and culture there. Everyone was very welcoming even if they didn’t know you. The facilities are very nice there, and their academics are very good and what they offer their students. The coaches were very involved in my life whether it had to do with softball or not. The players were very welcoming, and when I was with them, I instantly felt at home. 

What are you looking forward to most about playing at the next level?

I’m looking forward to the higher competition and also getting to experience a whole different level of softball as well. 

How was the recruiting process for you? What were some challenges and positives throughout the process?

I would say the recruiting process was a little bumpy, but something I learned was that you never know who is watching you when you are playing. I got started late in the process so it was a little bumpy getting myself out there. Something positive I took from the process was getting feedback from coaches as well as getting to meet them and learn from them.