It was a busy month with our hockey program – hosting 4 camps and finishing up our Summer Skills Program!

Goalie Camp:
“The inaugural VSA Goalie Camp was a blast! We had three great skates with everyone and got in high-quality reps during off-ice training as well. We focused a lot on fundamental skating and positioning, as well as shifting our weight into pucks and tracking through saves. In classroom, we had a group discussion about mental skills and the individual zone of optimal functioning for athletes. Overall, we achieved our goal of working hard, learning new things, and most importantly, having fun and competing!”

-Erin Connolly
Lead Goalie Coach

Power Skating:
“It was really awesome to work with all the athletes at the VSA’s first power skating camp this past weekend. The three-day camp focused on building strength and skating position, stride mechanics, and cognitive agility training. I was excited to see the improvements that were made during the camp from the athletes and looking forward to the next one.”

-Jonathan Garcia
Lead Power Skating Coach

All Girls Camp
“We themed each session to work on learning a new skill or mastering an old one to help them improve their game. Towards the end of the weekend we played more games to show the girls how they can apply their skills and concepts from previous sessions. It was a lot of fun to teach them something new and help each girl improve their game and confidence in themselves.”

-Emily Bauer
Lead Skills Coach

Summer Skills Program:
“Our first Summer Skills season was a huge success. Given the fact that a building of this nature doesn’t exist anywhere, I believe our staff at VSA rose to the challenge and delivered a high-quality development program for these kids. As a staff, we are so proud of the effort that these kids put in each day, and of their commitment. We thoroughly enjoyed coaching this 10-week program, and we saw huge gains in each athlete’s development. We learned a lot as a staff at VSA as well.As the Director, I want to take what we have learned and help facilitate positive and healthy change as we grow. First thing, we will be changing the culture, and I’m excited for our future parents and athletes to be a part of our new culture at VSA.

We are thankful for the trust and support of those of you that have been with us since the beginning, and for those that are now joining. We look forward to serving you and your athlete and continuing to witness their development. Thank you!”

-Jack Skille
Director of Hockey