Our goal at VSA is to be transparent in the development of athletes. In the Softball/Baseball Programs we value developing and educating not only our athletes but everyone that is part of the VSA family. As Directors of Softball and Baseball at VSA we are both extremely excited to get out in the community and develop relationships with all local youth organizations. At our first Education event we focussed on what our goals are at VSA and how we can support local baseball and softball. In addition, we will also opened the floor for everyone in attendance to ask any questions about anything VSA. Our goal at VSA is to have Education Events throughout the year. We are excited to continue this series and have a great discussion about our philosophy and goals at VSA. – CJ Koehler, Director of Baseball and Kindra Witthus, Director of Softball

See the recording of the Forum Here: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/play/ONH-zwyD7DboxQNCpiE_DIIcQ3-rI12HxBEGPZRewYih7gpomQ0lYMhKPwqd2DokJTGRWXD8SQRYWKLh.qsgRxVSGEgsy8Aoi?autoplay=true&startTime=1653522286000

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