You can’t “Dodge” Results!

On Saturday December 16th, Valley Sports Academy (VSA) and Feed My People food bank teamed up for the 2nd Annual VSA Charity Dodgeball Tournament. The event was held last year, with this year doubling in size and an increase in donation.

YOU had to be there…..

Dodgeball is not on every person’s radar as a sought-out event, it takes a special type of person to want to be hit ( hard sometimes) with a smaller ball and to throw like an MLB pitcher,  hoping to connect that throw on the opponent’s body!

Sometimes during the game, the players look like they are part of the matrix, with ninja type moves and tactics.  13 teams participated, only 1 team emerged the Champion.  After 4.5 hours of blistering games, the Anderson Calves were crowned the champs.

The day was great, with delicious food provided by our local food truck – Rex Mex.  There were adult beverages so the players and their fans could loosen up and relax.

The event was very fortunate to have 12 businesses step up and support the event.  These businesses are represented on the Dodgeball Teams Tee Shirts.  We could not have the level of success if it was not for these businesses.

We thank them and they are:

Superior Choice Credit Union
Northwestern Bank
Security Financial Bank
Toycen Motors
Kristo Orthodontics
Smiles in Motion
Happy Hollow Tavern
Affiance Insurance Group LLC
Fries Financial
TLS Companies
ADC/Elite Extra
Overhead Door


The 2nd annual VSA Charity Dodgeball tournament was a huge success in only its 2nd year.  $2,600 to Feed My People,  and a full box of food was raised by having this event.

December 14th of 2024 is the projected Save the Date.  More info will be forthcoming in 2024, stay tuned and get your team ready for…. Andddd Dodgeball!