Episode 2

Guest – Brian Seubert (Owner of VSA)

Join us on the podcast as we delve into the fascinating life of Brian Seubert, the visionary behind VSA. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Discover Brian’s future plans and his ultimate end goal with VSA. As he envisions a brighter future for the organization, he shares his dreams and aspirations, leaving us inspired and eager to witness the incredible transformations that lie ahead.

Episode 1

Meet the Hosts

Introducing the exciting new podcast series, hosted by Phil and Chase, as they extend a warm welcome to the entire community.
This podcast aims to provide an exclusive insider’s perspective on VSA, delving into its goals and aspirations. In this inaugural episode, Phil and Chase take the opportunity to interview each other, uncovering the captivating facets of their personal histories and their unwavering passions.
Furthermore, they shed light on the remarkable fact that VSA operates as a “not for profit” organization. This means that a significant portion of the funds generated from programs and community partnerships are reinvested directly into the development and enhancement of the facility and lowering costs for athletes.