To our Valley Sports Academy, Guardians, and Sports Families,

As we move into the second month since Valley Sports Academy has opened, we are excited and thankful for the overall response that we’ve gotten from the community. When we started designing and developing the VSA site in Lake Hallie, WI our first goal/mission was to fill a void in the Chippewa Valley and WI. We wanted our community of athletes to have the same high-quality opportunities as other athletes in surrounding communities and neighboring states. This means providing additional training and participation opportunities, 12 months of the year, for field sports in a way that has not been offered before in the Chippewa Valley. VSA is a place and space for authentic training, top level camps and clinics, elite coaching, and the introduction of new sports, like lacrosse.

After seeing our vision become a reality, we have accomplished this and much, much more. From the 2-year-olds joining our Soccer Tots program, to the Division 1 athletes utilizing our Hockey Rink and Ball Field, it’s nothing but smiles when they enter and smiles when they leave their training session. Seeing passionate athletes from all parts of the country including Utah, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, and many other states, walk in for a tour and say, “This place is awesome! We don’t have anything even close to like this where we are from.” These comments help us realize we didn’t just create something amazing for the Chippewa Valley, but something amazing for the entire sports community. Although we will always strive to improve on VSA and what we offer athletes in the area, it’s a welcoming thought that in a few short weeks of opening we have accomplished our first major Goal/Mission.

However, I’m not stopping there. There’s another big problem that is plaguing our sports community, and we at VSA want to change it. Sports should be enjoyed by all and only limited by an athlete’s desire, passion, and work ethic. When we built VSA we made it clear that this was a community project that will run at net zero profit. We already provide competitive pricing with an industry leading, state of the art facility supplied with all the tools, technology, equipment, and coaches needed. We also hope we are setting the standard for quality sports training opportunities while giving Chippewa Valley families access right in their back yard. BUT, we still understand that the programs VSA has to offer, like all other sports training, can be out of reach financially for some families. My second mission/goal is to change how the affordability and participation of high-level sports are viewed and financed in and around the Chippewa Valley at VSA. We want to set a new standards and make quality, high performance training and participation in sports teams affordable for all.

How on earth do we make this happen? The simple answer: Your advertising dollars will be used to offset the costs for athletes training at VSA. Those that advertise with VSA are key partners to help combat the affordability for high level sporting opportunities at VSA. As VSA gains advertising partners we will be able to reduce the fees for Camps, Clinics, Teams, Equipment, and ALL expenses for all athletes across the board. This will allow all athletes in our community to have the same opportunities that have been afforded to other athletes across the country.

VSA has created advertising opportunities throughout our facility to allow businesses, both big and small, to showcase their business on an annual basis. We anticipate 20,000-30,000 individuals flowing through VSA the first year, and this is a conservative estimate. That number will only grow as we continue to add phases of development to the 80 Acre VSA site. We want to partner with businesses and/or individuals that are interested in a different advertising opportunity. As an owner of several businesses in various sectors myself, I know personally how important advertising is to bring awareness to businesses for current, former, and future customers. The advertising opportunities VSA offers to businesses to help reach customers is unique to the area because we are a unique space. The biggest advantage we have to offer is that VSA is open 12 months out of the year. We are not seasonal. We cater to all kinds of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, we attract and train people of all ages, and we are a broader Chippewa Valley destination site. We are not located in one community; we are the bridge for the entire Chippewa Valley. Any business that chooses to advertise with VSA, no matter what it is, will be seen every day from locals, those visiting from out of town, and those that live in neighboring communities.

VSA is committed to making high-level sports affordable at an industry leading facility, with industry leading coaches, with the athlete’s only restriction being their desire, passion, and work ethic, nothing more, nothing less. We need your help to make this mission a reality. If you or your business are interested in changing the financial dynamic in Youth Sports with us, keeping kids active without limitations, AND giving your company that advertising platform to grow and be seen, please reach out to us at We would be honored if you and your business would be part of the efforts of changing and removing financial barriers for all athletes, young and old.

Brian R. Seubert
Owner & CEO