SIGH Sports, the parent company to Valley Sports Academy, is excited to announce that Phase 2 of its 4 Phase plan will begin this spring at its Lake Hallie, WI location.  Phase 1 included Valley Sports Academy’s 116,000 square foot state of the art training facility, raising the bar for field sports training in the state of WI and the Midwest.  Phase 2 is an attached Arena facility that will support the growth and demand that Valley Sports Academy has anticipated over the past 7 months.

Important Phase 2 Details:  

  • 3,500-4,500 top-load spectator Arena  
  • Full sheet of ice  
  • Suites for enhanced and VIP experience seating  
  • State of the art atmospheric effects designed by youth organizations  
  • Dedicated Sports Medicine facility  
  • Small pool for rehabilitation and small group lessons  
  • Restaurant integrated into the space with view of Phase 3: outdoor spaces  
  • Completion goal of 2024  

3,500-4,500 top-load spectator Arena with a full sheet of ice 

Staying true to SIGH Sports’ and Valley Sports Academy’s vision this mid-size Arena will continue to add to a facility that is the first of its kind in WI and the Midwest, boasting state of the art technology, architecture, and amenities that will complement the existing training facility.

The arena will have a full sheet of ice with wrap around seating accommodating 3,500 spectators when set up for sporting events. The 100% top load access will make for incredible viewing from all parts of the Arena. A bank of individual suites will span one side of the entire length of the ice, also providing additional opportunities for private viewing and intimate parties, confidential recruiting or evaluating, and VIP experiences for customers, clients, employees, family, or friends.  The arena is carefully and thoughtfully designed to be sustainable, economical, and climate friendly.

The entire arena will be built out of precast concrete. The precast walls, roof and flooring divides will ensure the building will last as long as the history and memories that will be created within it. Unlike most traditional mid-sized sporting facilities, one side of the arena bleachers will push back towards the wall, making room for a stage or increased floor capacity, and increase seating capacity from 3,500 to 4,500. When completed it will be the first indoor arena of its size in the area, allowing a variety of acts and talents to perform in our area that wasn’t possible prior to having this Arena.

State of the art atmospheric effects designed by youth organizations  

The technology integrated within the new Arena space will allow the youth in the area to play hockey, soccer, and more with light, video, and sound shows that will rival professional sporting events. The best part is VSA will partner with youth organizations to design these atmospheric effects, potentially having the athletes themselves be part of the productions both on and off the fields.   


Dedicated Sports Medicine facility  

Small pool for rehabilitation and small group lessons  

Restaurant integrated into the space with view of Phase 3  

The Arena will be able to host a variety of events including youth to Division 1 college hockey games, arena soccer, rodeos, figure skating shows, music events, and so much more!  As mentioned prior, this will not be your normal, mid-sized hockey barn or small-town venue. Within the arena structure there will also be 5000 sq. ft. of dedicated first floor space created for Sports Medicine, a small pool designed for small group swimming lessons and medical rehabilitation, and a restaurant designed to overlook Phase 3, the outdoor spaces located on our 80 acres.  


Completion goal of 2024  

SIGH Sports, 100% owned and operated by myself, believes in supporting the local community, growing possibilities within our community, providing access to similar opportunities found elsewhere, and finding ways to bring them to our community.  The addition of the Arena will help to facilitate more of these opportunities and possibilities within our SIGH Sports location.  

SIGH Sports has strategically split the evolution of our 80 acre property into FOUR very distinct phases of development. Phase 1 is the already operational VSA training facility; Phase 2 as detailed above is a mid-size Arena; Phase 3 will be a 5-acre outdoor area with a series of turf fields, allowing athletes in the area the ability to train and play both indoors and outdoors. Phase 4 will complete the front 40 acres and be home to a hotel and water park, creating phenomenal access to visitors and teams that utilize any of the spaces within the VSA complex, and our entire community.  The ideas and intentions for the back 40 acres will be left more natural with walking trails, mountain bike trails, rope courses, and a future zip line. These probable amenities will allow families to enjoy activities in a natural setting in between all the activities within our complex, and provide even more opportunities for the local community or those visiting.    

We are excited and humbled by the support that Valley Sports Academy, a division of SIGH Sports, has already received! We also look forward to creating new partnerships as we continue to do all that we can to support this amazing community, while advancing opportunities and mind-sets in the state of Wisconsin.  The addition of Phase 2 allows for more partnerships to help propel our mission of also keeping high level sports affordable, accessible, and available to all in our area. We can’t wait!   

Brian R. Seubert
Owner & CEO