VSA is excited to host winter leagues for competitive softball teams allowing 8 teams at each age levels of 10U, 12U, and 14U that will be open for registration. We are only offering team registration at this point but if the leagues do not fill then we will open it up for individual registrations. Each team will receive up to 60 minutes warm up prior to game time and receive 1 game that are scheduled at 1:15 drop dead.

Teams have the option of signing up for Jan 4 weeks or Feb 4 weeks at $800 each or signing up for the full 8 weeks at $1,200

Questions? Contact Kindra Witthus at kindra.witthus@valleysports.academy

7am-9am Hallie Elite VSA
9am-11am Hallie Elite Baldwin
11am-1pm Bloomer NW Bandits
1pm-3pm Chippewa WI Thunder
3pm-5pm North Lightining
6:30pm-8:30pm McDonell Sandpipers


7am-9am McDonell VSA
9am-11am VSA Baldwin
11am-1pm NW Bandits Lightining
1pm-3pm Hallie Elite Sandpipers
3pm-5pm Hallie Elite Bloomer
6:30pm-8:30pm North Chippewa


7am-9am Bloomer Chippewa
9am-11am McDonell Baldwin
11am-1pm VSA North
1pm-3pm Hallie Elite NW Bandits
3pm-5pm Hallie Elite Lightining
6:30pm-8:30pm WI Thunder Sandpipers


7am-9am Sandpipers Chippewa
9am-11am McDonell Chippewa
11am-1pm North WI Thunder
1pm-3pm Lightining WI Thunder
3pm-5pm VSA NW Bandits
6:30pm-8:30pm Baldwin Bloomer


7am-9am Blomer North
9am-11am BW Chippewa
11am-1pm WI Thunder NW Bandits
1pm-3pm Sandpipers VSA
3pm-5pm McDonell NW Lightinig


7am-9am Hallie Elite North
9am-11am Hallie Elite Chippwea
11am-1pm NW Bandits Sandpipers
1pm-3pm Lightning Bloomer
3pm-5pm BW WI Thunder


7am-9am NW Bandits Baldwin
9am-11am VSA Chippewa
11am-1pm Sandpipers North
1pm-3pm McDonell Bloomer
3pm-5pm McDonell Lightining


7am-9am North NW Bandits
9am-11am Bloomer Sandpipers
11am-1pm Baldwin Lightining
1pm-3pm WI Thunder McDonell
3pm-5pm WI Thunder VSA
Jan 7th    
5-6:15 Free Agent Baldwin
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek CV Raptors


Jan 14th    
5-6:15 Baldwin Raptors
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek Free Agent


Jan 21st     
5-6:15 Free Agent CV Raptors
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek Baldwin


Jan 28th    
5-6:15 Free Agent Baldwin
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek CV Raptors


Feb 4th    
5-6:15 Baldwin Raptors
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek  Free Agent



Feb 11th    
5-6:15 Fall Creek Baldwin
6:30-7:45 Free Agent  CV Raptors



Feb 18th    
5-6:15 Baldwin Raptors
6:30-7:45 Baldwin Free Agent



Feb 25th     
5-6:15 Fall Creek  CV  Raptors
6:30-7:45 Fall Creek  Free Agent


Jan 4th     
5-6:15 VSA Frosty Flakes
6:30-8 Hallie Elite Free Agent


Jan 11th    
5-6:15 VSA Free Agent
6:30-8 Hallie Elite  Frosty Flakes


Jan 18th    
5-6:15 VSA Hallie Elite 
6:30-8 Free Agent Frosty Flakes


Jan 25th    
5-6:15 VSA Frosty Flakes
6:30-8 Hallie Elite Free Agent


Feb 1st    
5-6:15 Hallie Elite Frosty Flakes
6:30-8 VSA Free Agent



Feb 8th    
5-6:15 Frosty Flakes  Free Agent
6:30-8 VSA Hallie Elite 



Feb 15th    
5-6:15 Hallie Elite   Frosty Flakes
6:30-8 VSA Free Agent


Feb 22nd     
5-6:15 Free Agent  Frosty Flakes
6:30-8 VSA Hallie Elite


-USA softball rules
-Per USA softball rules, each team will have 1 minute in between half innings from the time of the last recorded out to be ready to play
-Umpires Provided
-Home/Away will be determined by coin flip
-Each team is to provide 1 new game ball per game (Dudley if available)
-Must bat the roster with free substitution, Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher last out
-One Game unlimited innings up to and hour fifteen drop dead
-No Metal Cleats or food, water is the only beverage allowed
-5 run max per half inning
-Umpire Decisions on the field are final and there are no protests, 1 umpire system
– Each team will have up to 60 minutes ahead of the scheduled game time to warm up using Softball Bullpens of 5 and 6 and Batting Cages of 2 and 3. If other cages or bullpens are open as there is no lessons or rentals at that time please feel free to use those as well. Please share these spaces and be respectful of the other teams.